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Wedding Dresses

Preserve your precious memories

Preens Dry Cleaners has many years experience in the specialised cleaning of wedding dresses. Your wedding dress will be inspected prior to cleaning to ascertain what treatment best benefits your dress. As the amount of work varies for each dress we will give you a quote before individual hand cleaning and stain removal will begin. We also offer the option of  boxing the dress in a especially designed acid free box.

FAQ on Wedding Dresses 

What storage to recommend?

We offer a specialised wedding dress bag when your dress is completed. This is a excellent way of storing your dress in a hanging postion. If you are short of hanging space we offer a specialised acid free box solution. You can discuss this with our staff. Please note it is recommended you keep the finished gown out of direct sunlight and in a dry place.

How long will it take to have my dress cleaned?

Please allow 4 weeks for cleaning. However, if you need your dress earlier please call and ask about our express service. Occasionally, we may need more time, particularly during our busy season and occasionally we may need additional time for some badly stained garments.

When and how do I pay for dress cleaning?

We request a pre payment at the time the order is placed. We clean gowns in the order that they arrive. The balance of payment is due on pick up.

How do I courier my dress to you to have it professionally cleaned?

After you have sent us the appropriate information asked on the website we will ship you a transfer box that you assemble, place the dress in and then courier to us using the prepaid courier ticket.  

We will notify you once we receive the package and discuss any matters related to the cleaning of your dress. Once the process is complete we will courier the gown.

What location are the dresses cleaned?

All our wedding dresses are cleaned at our main factory at 1 Kitchener Street Dunedin. We have a team of drycleaning specialists onsite that will work together on the dress to get the best result for you. Our shop staff are well experienced with what can be achieved. You can even talk to our drycleaner directly for any questions you have. 

How long has Preens Drycleaners been in business?

Preens Drycleaners have been a long established business serving the Dunedin and Otago areas for over 100 years. We are located at 1 Kitchener St, South Dunedin in a factory that employs over 30 staff and we also have a factory in Oamaru. If you are in Dunedin please come and visit and personally discuss any questions you have.

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