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A natural based approach that makes your clothes look brighter, feel softer and smell free.

Preens Dry Cleaners has always been a market leader in adopting overseas innovations in the industry and has one of the first GreenEarth machines installed in NZ. GreenEarth cleaning. This means our cleaning processes are non-allergenic and above all have no “just-dry-cleaned” smell, leaving your fine garments and furnishings looking brighter and feeling softer.

GreenEarth cleaning is a silicone-based dry cleaning solvent. It shares the same base - silicone - as hair care, makeup and deodorant products. It has no odour, yet has superior cleaning and soil removal properties. It is perfect for delicate fabrics with beading, sequins and other finishing trims. It is not harmful to you, your garments, our staff who work with it, or the environment. It degrades to sand, CO2 and H2O, and produces no toxic by-products.

GreenEarth is inert, so will not chemically react with your precious garments, as traditional dry cleaning solvent might. No faded colours, no garments losing their soft handle, no streaky silks, no degreased or broken zips, no shrinkage. Just your garments, ready to wear - with no smell.

Environmental commitment

We are committed to operating a safe and sustainable, best-practice business, with numerous environmental initiatives such as our 3 R policy. Reduce, re-use and recycle. We have a hanger recycling program, where any hangers that go to our industrial customers get picked up and re-used and any of our customers can drop off unwanted hangers at our shops. We also have a paper and recycling system setup with a weekly pickup.

Green earth