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Preens Linenmaster offers a trusted, professional and tailored linen and towel rental and laundry solution to the hospitality sector.

Preens offers short term hire of a large range of table linen for special occasions. 

100% locally owned and operated, Linenmaster is a division of Preens Apparelmaster, the successful local provider of workwear and workplace rentals solutions.

In our table linen and napkin range we offer two colours.

  • Plain White - Table Linen & Napkins 
  • Plain black solution - Table Linien & Napkins 
  • We also have a White Feather Leaf Napkins for those special occasions 


Plain White Napkin $1.20
Plain Black Napkin  $1.20
Feather Leaf - White Napkin $1.20

2 Person 1.35m x 1.35m  (Small) - White

4 Person 1.35m x 1.80m (Medium) - White $6.70
6 Person 1.35m x 2.45m (Large) / (Tressell Table) - White $9.20
8 Person 1.80m x 1.80m (Fit Round Table) - White $9.20
8 Person 1.35m x 3.05m (Large Long) / (Banquet)  - White $11.50
10 Person 2.30m x 2.30m (Fit Round Table) - White $13.50
10 Person 1.80m x 3.05m (Head Table) / (Boxing) - White $13.35
2 Person 1.35m x 1.35m  (Small) - Plain Black  $5.75

4 Person 1.35m x 1.80m (Medium) - Black 

6 Person 1.35m x 2.45m (Large) / (Tressell Table) - Plain Black



8 Person 1.35m x 3.05m (Large Long) / (Banquet) - Plain Black $11.50
10 Person 2.30m x 2.30m (Fit Round Table)-  Plain Black  $13.50

*We require 1 weeks notice of any short term one off hire. Minimum order fees apply. Prices include GST 

**A bond is required for each hire. The $50 bond is paid back on return of the hired stock, which needs to be in good condition.


One off Table Linen Hire: Kelly 03 477 2140 ext 720

EMAIL: linenmaster@preens.co.nz


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