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At Preens we are committed to sustainability. We have numerous environmental policies in place, including a commitment to the 3 Rs of sustainability, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. As part of that commitment we have enacted a campaign for the recycling of our hangers. Asking our valued customers to be part of the sustainable community by returning their hangers for reuse.

Instep Program

Instep is a great progam that we have been aligned with since 2012.

GreenEarth Cleaning 

One of our many environmental policies is the GreenEarth dry-cleaning process.

Preens Dry Cleaners has always been a market leader in adopting overseas innovations in the industry and has one of the first GreenEarth machines installed in NZ. GreenEarth cleaning. This means our cleaning processes are non-allergenic and above all have no “just-dry-cleaned” smell, leaving your fine garments and furnishings looking brighter and feeling softer.

GreenEarth cleaning is a silicone-based dry cleaning solvent. It shares the same base - silicone - as hair care, makeup and deodorant products. It has no odour, yet has superior cleaning and soil removal properties. It is perfect for delicate fabrics with beading, sequins and other finishing trims. It is not harmful to you, your garments, our staff who work with it, or the environment. It degrades to sand, CO2 and H2O and produces no toxic by-products.

GreenEarth is inert, so will not chemically react with your precious garments, as traditional dry cleaning solvent might. No faded colours, no garments loosing their soft handle, no streaky silks, no degreased or broken zips, no shrinkage. Just your garments, ready to wear - with no smell.

Solvent Recovery

No waste in our dry cleaning process. The solvents recovered are able to be reused for their orginal purpose in the dry cleaning industry. The bio-crude oil formed by the process can be re-used as a furnace fuel or refined further at a refinery to higher grade fuels.  At Preens we use for this service.

Fleet GPS Units

GPS units in our fleet give us the tools to manage, audit and reduce our carbon footprint.

The GPS tracking unit detects when a vehicle is moving and monitors unproductive idling time. Reports showing heavy acceleration or braking build a complete picture of how a vehicle is being driven, highlighting driving habits that waste fuel. We can then identify which drivers need assistance to develop good driving practices and measure the effectiveness of driver training and education. 

Our GPS systems ready-made reports quickly show our Driver manager who our most fuel-efficient drivers are. This means we can acknowledge and reward their efforts. At Preens we use for this system.