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Women are proven to love crisp, professionally cleaned shirts more!

Cotton and Polycotton shirts professionally cleaned and pressed by us, provides you with a clean, sharp professional image. Wake up to a fresh shirt everyday with our special shirt deal - 5 Shirts for Only $26

The majority of people indicate that ironing shirts is one of the most tedious tasks around the house and many put it off until there is a mountain of shirts to do making it an even more unattractive use of their precious time.

Help is definitely at hand…. at Preens Drycleaners!!

Preens Drycleaners has a professional Japanese shirt machine in their Dunedin factory that produces a finish shirt manufacturers would be proud of, the difference being that Preens return them on the hanger…ready to wear!!

With the efficiency achieved with this new equipment, Preens have reduced the price to finally make it an affordable and attractive option to outsource your shirts.

5 shirts. Now only $26. Additional shirts at $4.50

To order online for a pickup service within the Central Business District or South Dunedin business area with our Preens Pick up & Deliver Service click here »

*This pricing is not available through our agents. 

5 Shirts for $26