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We Dry Clean or Launder (wash) your drapes to a professional standard, however there are some points we need to cover before we proceed.

Exposure to sunlight, heat, humidity and air pollution can weaken or rot even shrink the fibres of draperies or curtains. Consequently, despite the care exercised in our cleaning process, holes or tears in the fabric may occur at these weakened points. In New Zealand the UV is very strong this weakens the fibres. The mechanical action of the wash process can cause areas to tear.

Faded areas may not be apparent because of soil coverage.

Progressive shrinkage may occur because of the inherent nature of the fabric or because it was not completely preshrunk. In fact, most fabrics can shrink up to 4%, usually on the first clean.
E.g. On a ranch slider door a curtain 2200mm drop could shrink 88mm or 3 ½”.

Curtain makers often provide a generous hem to allow for this possibility.

Such shrinkage is beyond our control and is a combined result of the material not being pre-shrunk as well as Dry Cleaning being a moisture free system, which can remove natural humidity resulting in some dimensional change.

Mould or mildew is often impossible to remove and may be only slightly less visible after cleaning.

Thermal Drapes (with rubberised backing)
These drapes are particularly sensitive to sunlight which causes the rubber to perish and may lift or peel even under normal cleaning conditions. There is no way to determine whether thermodrapes will clean without the rubberised backing peeling off or sticking to itself, causing it to peel when the two surfaces are separated.

We feel it is important for customers to be advised of these points prior to the cleaning of their valuable window coverings and we will use our experience to obtain the best result technically possible.

Client's Authority:

I have read the above and accept you will not be held responsible in the event any of the following conditions become evident or occur in cleaning my draperies and/or curtains.

  • Sun fade
  • Colour loss due to non-fast dyes
  • Holes or tears due to fabric degradation
  • Shrinkage
  • Non removal of mould or mildew

Thermal drapes and normal drapes will therefore only be accepted for cleaning at CUSTOMER'S OWN RISK to be confirmed by the customer.

Completing this form confirms your understanding these drapes are processed AT OWNER'S RISK and will not hold the drycleaner responsible.

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